No Longer a Psychic Virgin

Tarot Cards

I’ll start with the background of this story. I manage a web marketing company, we all know that by now, but if you don’t that’s my life. I have a semi-new client that is a family owned and operated psychic hotline. They are not the psychics themselves, but they run the business. I figure, there’s no better way to be able to market a product than to use it yourself. So I took the plunge not knowing what I was getting myself into in the least.

I would think that anyone that has never visited a psychic or called one of these hotlines would have the same skepticism that I did. It helped that I knew the people that would be taking my money and I knew I wouldn’t get ripped off. They need to make it clear on their website and in their marketing that you pay up front for a block of time so they won’t run up your bill by keeping you on the phone. (That’s where I come in.) That’s what I would be afraid of. Before knowing anything about the industry I put these kinds of businesses on the same level as a phone sex business. (Sorry Sandy, just telling the truth)

I called in, used a fake name and purchased the 15 minute first time caller special. It was $29.99. That’s it. No other charges that they don’t tell you about. Talking to someone that I knew on the other end of the line and pretending to be someone else was pretty funny. Michelle answered the phone and was so comforting. I told her that I no idea what to expect or even what to ask for. She was really helpful and gave me a choice of 3 different psychics to choose from. I picked Beth Ellen to do a tarot card reading. We hung up and Beth Ellen called me back.

I almost felt a little strange telling this person about my life when I knew nothing about them and she sounded so innocent on the other line. I wanted to talk about relationship stuff and to see if I’m heading in the right direction. What happened on this call was freaky. I told her very little and she knew so much about my love life. She could “see” very specific things about people from the past and present. Such as their careers, what they look like, etc. Mind. Blown.

When my 15 minutes was up, I went back in the office (I was sitting in my car the whole time to have some privacy). I told everyone what had happened which stirred up just as much questioning about my life as it did our client. I do tend to keep a lot of my personal life to myself so I don’t blame them.

I called the psychic line while I was confused about some things in my personal life. I got some answers but it kind of just messed with my head. Having someone see your future, or the present for that matter, is kind of a nerve racking thing. You know what’s right and what’s wrong and they may or may not back up your thoughts but does that mean that’s what’s going to happen? What I should do and what I’m going to do don’t always line up.

I’m taking it all with a grain of salt. This kind of thing is for entertainment purposes anyway, right? I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. It’s a really cool experience even if it does mess with your head.

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