No Longer a Psychic Virgin

Tarot Cards

I’ll start with the background of this story. I manage a web marketing company, we all know that by now, but if you don’t that’s my life. I have a semi-new client that is a family owned and operated psychic hotline. They are not the psychics themselves, but they run the business. I figure, there’s no better way to be able to market a product than to use it yourself. So I took the plunge not knowing what I was getting myself into in the least.

I would think that anyone that has never visited a psychic or called one of these hotlines would have the same skepticism that I did. It helped that I knew the people that would be taking my money and I knew I wouldn’t get ripped off. They need to make it clear on their website and in their marketing that you pay up front for a block of time so they won’t run up your bill by keeping you on the phone. (That’s where I come in.) That’s what I would be afraid of. Before knowing anything about the industry I put these kinds of businesses on the same level as a phone sex business. (Sorry Sandy, just telling the truth)

I called in, used a fake name and purchased the 15 minute first time caller special. It was $29.99. That’s it. No other charges that they don’t tell you about. Talking to someone that I knew on the other end of the line and pretending to be someone else was pretty funny. Michelle answered the phone and was so comforting. I told her that I no idea what to expect or even what to ask for. She was really helpful and gave me a choice of 3 different psychics to choose from. I picked Beth Ellen to do a tarot card reading. We hung up and Beth Ellen called me back.

I almost felt a little strange telling this person about my life when I knew nothing about them and she sounded so innocent on the other line. I wanted to talk about relationship stuff and to see if I’m heading in the right direction. What happened on this call was freaky. I told her very little and she knew so much about my love life. She could “see” very specific things about people from the past and present. Such as their careers, what they look like, etc. Mind. Blown.

When my 15 minutes was up, I went back in the office (I was sitting in my car the whole time to have some privacy). I told everyone what had happened which stirred up just as much questioning about my life as it did our client. I do tend to keep a lot of my personal life to myself so I don’t blame them.

I called the psychic line while I was confused about some things in my personal life. I got some answers but it kind of just messed with my head. Having someone see your future, or the present for that matter, is kind of a nerve racking thing. You know what’s right and what’s wrong and they may or may not back up your thoughts but does that mean that’s what’s going to happen? What I should do and what I’m going to do don’t always line up.

I’m taking it all with a grain of salt. This kind of thing is for entertainment purposes anyway, right? I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. It’s a really cool experience even if it does mess with your head.

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Regular People vs A Big-Time Production Company

I can’t tell too many details about this, but for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to shoot an episode for a TV show, I’m here to tell you it’s weird as hell. I’ll be able to say more after the release date in May but at that point I’m not going to remember everything that happened and how strange it was.

A large, national bank is filming a series that is about helping small businesses advance to the next level. Kind of like an extreme makeover for a business. My company was chosen to be the marketing company for the episode that they were filming here in Orlando. The production company behind this thing turned out to be a lot bigger than we had originally thought. Days after, I’m reading their long line of shows and movies they have been behind and….what the hell. It’s a good thing I didn’t know that before the filming or I would have been a lot more nervous about the whole thing.

My team and I were over taken by a crew of people that filled our entire office. The space is too small to begin with, so three vehicles of people and equipment it made it hard to even move around. On top of all of the extra people and the bright, hot lights, our air conditioning wasn’t working. Picture having a giant camera up in your grill when it’s 90 degrees and your just thinking about the sweat on your upper lip that these people have to be focused in on. The ironic part is that the client we were having a filmed meeting with was an air conditioning and heating guy so he gave us shit the whole time.

When they all came in and were setting up the sound guy came up to me to put my mic on. He basically just said “are you wearing a bra? I have to hook this to it.” He then unzipped my dress, hooked the mic to the back of my bra and ran the mic around under my armpit to the top of my dress under my chin. If I wasn’t comfortable with people touching me that could have been a really awkward situation.

Somehow, I did not say anything that would make me sound retarded. I might have even sounded smart? But I guess we’ll see after editing. I hope they make me look awesome. That’s supposed to be the magic of TV, right?

I’m not totally sure where this is going to be shown. I know it will get national coverage and will be on the big news websites but it could also end up on MSNBC. I don’t even like to use Facetime or skype because I have to look at myself and hear my own voice. I can’t imagine seeing myself on TV.

It’s amazing being part of such a great company that gets chosen to be part of things like this. I am so proud of my growing team and I’m honored to get to lead them into battle each day ❤

The ups and downs of antidepressants

anxietyIn an effort of being completely honest and open I would like to go ahead and admit to all of you that I am on antidepressants. Yes, plural. No, it’s not because I ever wanted to kill myself or I sat home alone and cried all day. For anyone suffering from anxiety, let me tell you, this was the best decision I ever made.

I’ve probably been on Zoloft and Wellbutrin for about a year or so now. With a Xanax or two thrown in here and there. Before taking them I would freak out if I were around too many people or too many moving objects that I couldn’t control.  I would also over think everything that went on in my day to day life. It’s like my brain was just constantly full crazy thoughts. If I had a conversation with someone, I would replay it over and over in my head. I would black out if I was uncomfortable and forget what I was doing. A lot of times this happened while I was driving and would get lost because I forgot what I was doing.

After having a few pretty bad panic attacks, it was time to consult a higher power. A psychiatrist. I learned more about myself in my weekly meetings with my shrink than I had in the 23 years prior. The combination of the medication, which kept me from over thinking and letting my brain send too many signals around at one time, and the real self discovery that has happened in this time has been amazing. I graduated from having to go once a week to hardly ever at all and my brain no longer feels like there’s someone playing pinball in there.

While I am happy and stable there are some negatives that come with being on medication like this. The worst being that I have close to no sex drive. The thought barely ever comes into my head. I would much rather work all day, clean up my house, read a book and go to bed. That just straight up- sucks. Another negative is that you’re not supposed to drink on antidepressants. I tried that for oh, say a week? Not a chance. I do it anyway but I do get drunk much faster leading me into some of these weird situations you’ll read about in our blog. It’s either that or I want to sleep. You also become very dependent on the meds and don’t have much variation of mood. I’m pretty much just mellow. It’s hard to get mad or really sad or even really happy about anything .  I like my crazy pills, so all of that’s okay for now.

What I’m getting at here is that you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to see a therapist. I never thought that I would, considering I had a pretty “normal” childhood and my parents are still together and all of that other shit that a shrink digs into, but I’m so happy that I gave in.

Everyone in their 20’s is confused and going through some shit. You’re not alone! Sometimes we just need a little guidance from an outside party (costing $75+/hour) to really make us see why we do the things we do.

P.S. Please don’t ask me for pills. You’re basically asking for my sanity.