The Great Leg Battle

ImageI have this problem with keeping up with my workout routine. We all want to have a great ass and legs but the work that goes into it takes dedication. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the gym, getting sweaty, and listening to those sexy, sweaty dance mixes on songza. My problem is that I also help run a business and love to go out so there’s a balance issue with my time.

This past week I took a morning off to hit the gym with my bestie, Jill. (If you haven’t read any of her blogs I seriously suggest it.) I was so psyched to go through this full body workout I had planned. Cardio, legs, arms, back, abs, the whole package. After taking some crazy pre-workout shit that I’m not actually supposed to take with my medication, and giving some to Jill, we took our now babbling mouths and extended energy to Planet Fitness. We made it through everything and went about our days.

The next day. I want to die. I can’t move my legs. I’m like a fucking cripple. Someone get me a wheelchair for my frozen muscles and where is Forrest Gump offering me ice cream?  It doesn’t help that I sit at a desk all day and if I’m walking I’m in skyscraper heels but this all comes with being a woman with a shoe addiction in a position of power.

The worst parts of this situation are always anything that involves sitting down. Getting into position to pee becomes an Olympic sport. You’ll use anything around you to help ease yourself onto the seat and you gain a new appreciation for the handle bar in the handicap stall. Falling into your boss’s Mercedes convertible in a short skirt is just embarrassing. Getting out of it in ridiculous shoes is even worse. Instead of making it out gracefully and standing up to my natural 5’4″ I have to balance on my stilts to become 6 foot tall without flashing my ass to everyone. Ladies, I know at least a few of you have to feel me here.

Walking is a separate challenge all together. You first start moving like you have braces on your legs and slowly accept the fact that you can’t have someone puppeteer you to the places you need to go. Must remember: this is all for a greater purpose. I’ll temporarily look like I have metal legs and a stick up my ass to not have to deal with friction burn between my legs on a regular basis. Sacrifices people, sacrifices.

Best of luck with your workouts and the results that come from them. No pain, no gain.

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